Dr. Amit

Bio: Consultant and Professional working in the area of Data Analytics. Expertise lies in using SAS, R and SPSS. Working on qualitative and quantitative data for customer intelligence mining.

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1 thought on “About

  1. Hi Dr. Amit,

    I’m Monsi Terdex – originator of the blog you recently visited (monsiterdex.wordpress.com) and chose to follow (thanks!) and I’m currently looking at many blogs which cover analytics in some form or other. My sense is that an essential piece is often missing from these blogs: actual examples of analysis and data mining (Excel, Access, SQL Server, VBA, R etc…) So naturally I tried to make the content of my blog to look somewhat different.

    I assume you have Ph.D. and considerable expertise in pretty deep programming, data mining and statistical methodologies. I’d be excited to see examples of actual data mining/analyses on your blog (it is also a way to showcase your work). By that I mean specific datasets, algorithms, mining approaching and statistical techniques you use to analyze data. Be as specific as you can, I am sure it’s going to be really interesting!

    I’d like to know your thoughts on this direction.

    Your fellow blogger,


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